Sang Bulu Painless Hair Remover


Struggling to remove hair when you have sensitive skin? Look no further. Sang Bulu helps to remove your hair, moisturize and whiten your skin with just a spray!

  • Painless hair remover
  • Formulated for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for private parts
  • Moisture and whiten your kin
  • Halal ingredients

Volume : 150ML


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RM65.00 (7% off)
2 pieces
RM60.00 (14% off)
3+ pieces
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Hair removal is not going to be easier than this..

Switching from the salon to your own space can be a game-changer, especially when unpredictable moments turn a waxing session into a hairy situation (pun intended!). Introducing Sang Bulu Painless Hair Remover – your ticket to effortless and pain-free hair removal for instantly silky-smooth skin!​


Easy to use

Simply spray to your skin and wipe for a free-hair body!


Only halal ingredients use in our formulation


You will no longer need aftershave cream or moisturizing cream

Slow Hair Growth

It will take a while to reuse Sang Bulu after your first session

Why Babes Like You Prefer Sang Bulu

Rated 4.7/7 by 4800+ Happy Customers

Rating & Review

Based on 89 Reviews
  1. wan
    (verified owner)
    love it sooo much
    suka sangat, will buy again
  2. ctbazilahzulkefli
    (verified owner)
    First time user
    First time user
    First time use sang bulu and i’ve got to say veryyyy impressed👏🏻👏🏻✨although for me need to use couple of times for the same spot since still left some hair😂but definitely impressed
  3. sy
    (verified owner)
    excited sangatttt nak pakaii heheheheheh
  4. Manggai Yoges
    (verified owner)
    Amazing !!
    First time bought it. Very easy and comfortable.
  5. Lalitha
    (verified owner)
    Overall okay
    Overall okay
    I got this specifically to use at private part. However, the after effect, still feel like after shaving. Some area not properly cleaning up. Can’t be keep doing after few days.
  6. Tharshini
    (verified owner)
    This has been a game-changer for me. So easy and simple to use. Thank you!!!
  7. Bavani Bani – BIH HEATERS (M) Sdn Bhd
    (verified owner)
    Painless hair removal....
    Great product! Totally painless
  8. Bani
    (verified owner)
    Painless hair removal....
    Great product!
  9. V
    (verified owner)
    Okay. Cuma belum cuba lagi
    (verified owner)
  11. Norhaliza binti Mohd Sa’arani
    (verified owner)
    Mudah dan selamat digunakan.
  12. Lisa O
    (verified owner)
    Simplicity & Amazing
    Im a person who dont really use shaving/removal cream and a little sceptical about using these type of products but somehow Sang Bulu caught my attention. Bought it, used it and to realize how Sang Bulu is so simple to use with amazing results and no pain or worry getting cut by razors .. Now that I have found Sang are my new best friend.. Cheers Lisa
    Sang Bulu Painless Hair Remover
  13. Sha
    (verified owner)
    Easy to use and painless
    Its my first time to use and definitely a painless experience. With a busy lifestyle, this is definitely a need!
  14. Karyati Hazirah Kamaruddin
    (verified owner)
    This is my first time buying and using Sang Bulu. I used it on my upper lips (which always made me insecure) and also my private part. And it works wonders! All the hair came out and make it so smooth! Took it only 10 minutes and pain free! I absolutely in love with this. Truly worth the money. Genius!
    Sang Bulu Painless Hair Remover
    Sang Bulu Painless Hair Remover
  15. Ashwini
    (verified owner)
    Very easy
    Easy and comfortable to use
  16. Siti Rohani Mahat
    (verified owner)
    Alhamdulillah dah cuba Sang Bulu, terbaik, tidak rasa pedih dan bulu tanggal dengan mudah. Terima kasih hasilkan produk ini memang sesuai utk Muslim. Tahniah❤️🫶🏻.
  17. Quin
    (verified owner)
    Try sikit kt underarm and the result my skin sakit dan pedih
  18. Nil
    (verified owner)
    Fast, Clean, and Clear…
  19. Liza
    (verified owner)
    Best solution
    Sangat mudah menanggalkan bulu roma dan tidak menyakitkan. Hanya 15 minit bulu habis tanggal dan kulit jadi licin.
  20. Norazarina Binti Karim
    (verified owner)
    Good product..It works!! Can remove hair easily.
  21. Akmal
    (verified owner)
    It works perfectly to remove pubic hair✅However I experienced stiffness at the private part and uncomfortable with it.
  22. Norazlin binti Zainal Abidin
    (verified owner)
    Sangat mudah digunakan dan memberikan kesan yang sangat baik.
  23. Sal
    (verified owner)
    have to know the technique of spraying
    Skin soft and no irritation
    At first, it was quite difficult for me to spray evenly on the skin and the foam will be all over the place. But, the foam really did the job and leave my skin soft.
  24. Syaza
    (verified owner)
    Works on feet
    Works wonder on feet even still have some bulus left. My feet felt so smooth after using it. Not working on my underarm tho as it burns my skin. So painful. For my private part, i’m not sure if i’m not spray it enough and not waited it enough, only some part works but majority of the area of my private part not working. Not as smooth as my leg.
    (verified owner)
    Best pakai sang bulu.. Lembut pd kulit.. Dh try bbrp produk lain sblm ni.. Semua xserasi sb kulit sensitif
  26. Sarimah
    (verified owner)
    Sang Bulu
    Produk yang sangat bagus untuk menanggalkan bulu. Sepantas 15 min setel semua bulu. Saya baru cuba di kaki sangat berkesan.
  27. Cda
    (verified owner)
    Spray dan hilang
    Best ever!!!!!
    Sampai je terus try…xsabar nk tau keberkesanan…best ever..spray, lap, n here u teruk!!!!confirm repeat
  28. Syazana Shukri
    (verified owner)
    Best cuma dekat kulit saya ada gatal sikit.. tapi overall best sgt sbb tak susah nak tanggal bulu just spray, tunggu dalam 8-10 minit dah boleh sapu.. bulu pun tertanggal
  29. Za
    (verified owner)
    The best product
    Best !!!
    Best and recommended product to remove all hairy skin !!!
  30. Muhammad Shahril Mohamed Zaidi Ong
    (verified owner)
    Kesan & Bau
    Sangat smooth & Senang digunakan. Bau pun wangi.
  31. Mal
    (verified owner)
    Highly recommended
    It works well other than private part. Gonna try sang bulu for the 2nd time later on private part to see the result cause right now it so painful and burning. Not sure either i dont know how to use or it really dont work well on that area. Other than private part, it is just awesome and perfect!!
  32. Stacey salam
    (verified owner)
    Bulu x abis putus …gatal klu tumbuh ..mmg berkesan jg la…tp klu d private part blh merah kulit…mgkn ada cara guna…produk mmg okla ..senang tp bulu x abis smpi akar …
  33. Lyana
    (verified owner)
    Very convinient
  34. Zulaikha
    (verified owner)
    1st time user
    1st time user
    Baru cuba pada bahagian bawah lengan. Perlukan teknik spray yg betul, untuk foam melekat pada bawah lengan. Overall ok. Dan tengah fikir cara penggunaan yang sesuai di bahagian miss V. Ada teknik spray ke untuk bahagian miss V bagi ibu mengandung? sebab pandangan terhalang dengan perut.
  35. Sarah
    (verified owner)
    Krim sapuan
    Berkesan untuk bahagian kaki. Disyorkan produk dibuat dalam bentuk krim sapuan agar memudahkan aplikasi di bahagian ketiak dan bahagian sulit.
  36. Nasuha Abdullah
    (verified owner)
    Produk best dan senang digunakan!
    Best and highly recommended!
    Senang nak guna dan bersesuaian dengan kulit 👍🏼✨ The best product ever!
  37. Nur Nasuha Abdullah
    (verified owner)
    Produk best dan mudah digunakan
    Sangat sesuai dengan kulit, mudah digunakan dan bulu tumbuh lembut, best sangat!
  38. Afina
    Totally work
  39. Jay
    (verified owner)
    Smooth and awesome
    It takes away the dirt as well.. Very time convenient ans user friendly. In love with the product.
  40. Kartini Md Seh
    (verified owner)
    Just spray, leave for 10minutes & wipe. As easy as 123.
  41. Naz
    (verified owner)
    Easy to use, redness/itchness depends on the skin type. Mine is okay, no rashes. Satisfaction to the max!
  42. mai abd
    (verified owner)
    first time and will repeat!
    tried it for the first time and i am really satisfied! it really works so so well, spray and wipe then youre done!
  43. Siti
    (verified owner)
    You need to get used to spray technique. Other than that awesome product easy hair removal
  44. Alya
    (verified owner)
    Totally works
    Easy as 1 2 3 and painless
  45. Nor
    (verified owner)
    Highly recommended
    Best gila..soft jekk
    Spray…wait 10-15 mnt…lap
  46. Nazwa Reception
    (verified owner)
    Work on feet only
    It’s not good for private part,bcoz the skin will burns and feels painful. but if you use it on your feet, it’s okay, no problem.
  47. Leen Ruslan
    (verified owner)
    First time consumer
    Good product. It works!! Love it!
  48. Atikah
    (verified owner)
    Love it
    Super easy to remove hair with sang bulus